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The International Conference “Micro- and Nanoelectronics – 2012” (ICMNE-2012) including the extended Session “Quantum Informatics” (QI-2012) and the Workshop “Silicon-on-Insulator” (SOI-2012)  will be held on October 1-5, 2012 at the “Lipki” resort, Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia. It continues the series of the All-Russian Conferences “MNE-1999”, “MNE-2001”, “QI-2002” and the International Conferences “ICMNE-2003”, “QI-2004”, “ICMNE-2005”, “QI-2005”, “ICMNE-2007”, “QI-2007”, “ICMNE-2009”, and “QI-2009”.

   ICMNE is a biannual event covering the main fields of micro- and nanoelectronic technologies and device physics. ICMNE-2012 will be focused on recent progress in that area. The Conference will include the exhibition of equipment for micro- and nanoelectronics.


Micro- and nanoelectronic materials and films:

  • SOI, Si, SiGe, A3B5, A2B6
  • Thin films, high-k dielectrics, low-k dielectrics
  • Metal gates, systems for contacts and metallization in nanoscale devices
  • Magnetic materials, nanomagnetics
  • Nanotubes, graphene
  • Materials for optoelectronics and photovoltaic, metamaterials

Micro- and nanoelectronic technologies and equipment:

  • Sub-100 nm lithographies: DUV, EUV, electron and ion lithography, nanoimprint
  • Plasma and ion-beam processing for micro- and nanoelectronics
  • Beam line and plasma immersion ion implantation
  • CVD, MBE


  • Processes monitoring, end-point detection
  • Metrology and characterization of micro- and nanostructures

Physics and technologies of micro- and nanodevices:

  • Nanotransistors: MOSFET, SET, TFET, and others
  • Integrated memory devices, memristors
  • Magnetic micro- and nanostructures
  • Spintronic devices
  • Superconducting micro- and nanodevices and structures
  • Devices of optoelectronics, photonics
  • Micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS, NEMS)

Simulation and modeling:

  • Simulation of technological processes
  • Simulation and modeling of micro- and nanoelectronic devices

Silicon-on-insulator and low-dimensional structures:

  • Technology and experiments
  • Devices
  • Theory and simulation

Quantum informatics:

  • Quantum computers: theory and experiments
  • Quantum measurements
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum communications

Organizers and Sponsors:

  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Division of Nano- and Information Technologies, Russia
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russia
  • Scientific Council of the RAS on Physical and Chemical Fundamentals of Semiconductor Materials Science, Russia
  • Institute of Physics and Technology of the RAS (FTIAN), Moscow, Russia
  • Educational-scientific centre “MSU-FTIAN”, Moscow, Russia
  • SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering
  • Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP), Siberian Branch of the RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russia
  • Yaroslavl Demidov State University, Yaroslavl, Russia
  • TechoInfo, Ltd., Wembley, UK
  • NIX Company, Moscow, Russia


   The working language of ICMNE-2012 is English.

Abstracts Submission:

   You can download the single page abstract template in the Downloads section of the Conference website. Please, submit the files with abstracts to the ICMNE-2012 Local Organizing Committee at the address

Deadline for abstracts submission is June 30, 2012.

Taking into account the wish of potential participants of the Conference, the Organizing Committee has decided to shift the deadline for abstracts submission to July 31, 2012.

   Now you can download Book of Abstracts.


   The Proceedings of this conference are published in the SPIE Digital Library along with nearly 300,000 papers from other outstanding conferences and articles from SPIE Journals. SPIE will publish the full-text papers in a separate volume of the Proceedings of SPIE dedicated to ICMNE-2012 after the Conference termination.

   The authors should prepare manuscripts of the full-text papers according to the rules of the SPIE Proceedings (see the Downloads section) and submit it by the Author Submission & Chair Review System service.

   The full-text manuscripts should be sent to SPIE by November 5, 2012. Authors should also transfer the electronic copy of manuscripts and the filled Copyrights Forms to the ICMNE-2012 Local Organizing Committee. Otherwise the manuscript will be rejected.

   The papers not presented at ICMNE-2012 will not be published in the Proceedings.

   Contributions on the topics of the Conference are welcome from the academic community, universities, as well as from the industry. The Program Committee will give preference to the papers which contain results of recent original works consistent with the Conference scope. The abstracts and full manuscripts should be written in clear and concise English.

   The Conference program will comprise of invited and contributed papers. The contributed papers will be reviewed by the members of the Program Committee on the basis of submitted abstracts for their being in theme with the Conference and for their scientific quality. The Program Committee will determine the session (oral or poster) on which the paper will be presented. Author’s preferences will also be taken into consideration.

Information for Speakers

   Oral Presentations

   A laptop with a multimedia projector as well as an overhead apparatus will be available for the oral presentations. The CDs or USB-flash memory units are recommended as file carriers. The recommended formats of presentation are *.ppt (Microsoft Power Point) or *.pdf (Adobe Acrobat). To avoid any problems with compatibility, use the PDF format for your presentation.


   The poster size should not exceed 120 cm x 120 cm.

   Publishing of full text presentations

   Selected papers presented and discussed at ICMNE-2012 can be issued in Proceedings of SPIE as articles from 8 to 12 pages long (including figures). Manuscripts of the papers should be forwarded to the Organizing Committee not later than 1 month after the Conference. The manuscripts and the Copyright Forms should be prepared according to the PDF templates of SPIE that may be found at the page “Downloads” at the Conference website. The manuscripts will not be edited by the Organizing Committee. The Copyright Form should be signed by all of the authors.